Empowered To Impact

Welcome to another day.

A day, a measurement in time.

But you see we are running out of time

We have to act now,

so they are not left behind.

Stand up, get bold and

bring the news of Jesus Christ.

Time will last forever

when you have eternal life.

The battered, the broken,

The beaten and the bruised,

All searching for an answer

That lies within in the heart of YOU.


The healer, the redeemer, the SAVIOR,

The giver of all grace.

The King, the answer to everything.

It’s time to see with eyes of faith,

Past the natural world,

what we can see, what we can touch.

We were called to bring Him glory.

So it’s time for us to STAND UP!

Let go of religiosity, let go of any fear.

Tell the world there is still HOPE.

Tell the world Jesus is still here.

We have been empowered to impact

This community, this region,

And then the impacted are then empowered

With the truth, the light the REASON.

You see it’s a never ending circle,

bringing God the glory.


That’s my destiny, that’s my story.


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