Remember the Purple.

***Name has been changed for party's protection**** "Please, Kyle let me go. Just stop. I have to go to work," I pleaded. I could barely get the words out of my tired lungs as I sobbed uncontrollably from the passenger seat. The taste of blood and tears filled my mouth. My heart beat was so loud I... Continue Reading →

You girl, are dope!

It’s a sad fact that as you grow and become a better version of yourself you will lose people. People won’t always like to see you succeed. Your progress and self-improvement will cause unwanted self-evaluation for people witnessing your transformation. The reality check of their complacently may cause them to feel like you think you... Continue Reading →

Worship like a Psycho

I am addicted to worship. I am not speaking figuratively here. I. Am. Literally. Addicted. When I haven’t spent time in praise and worship I get this itch deep down inside of me that nothing else can scratch. I can’t think straight. I cannot properly function. But when I take just a minute to spend... Continue Reading →

A little self love.

I'm dope. I'm a freaking rockstar. I am worth it. I deserve it. I can do anything I put my mind to! These are things I tell myself every single day. Praise at work, accept it, you deserve it. Compliments on your gift, accept it you deserve it. Call yourself pretty sometimes, you are and... Continue Reading →

God Bless ‘Murica

Pictures of fireworks , flags, hot dogs hamburgers and an array of other American traditions will soon flood your timeline as celebrations begin for the upcoming 4th of July Holiday. Independence Day: the time of year when American pride is your duty as a free citizen of these great United States. But the fact of the... Continue Reading →

powerhouse (part 2)

He is going to be a powerhouse. He is going to be a man whose stride drips in confidence, whose posture shouts exuberance and whose speech captivates anyone lucky enough to be in earshot.  He will be steadfast. He will be a source of energy, a pool of wisdom. He will be a man with... Continue Reading →

just say thank you.

I saw this meme this week and I literally spit my drink all over my brand new iPhone x in a fit of laughter.  But my very next thought was “this is the most accurate depiction of my life that I've ever seen and that’s a shame”. What made it so hilarious is that a... Continue Reading →

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