We’ve all been afraid.

It’s a natural response, a natural reaction

to the distractions

caused by the threats that a sin fallen world behold.

But when I take the time to meditate on the scripture

I remember God said not to fear what can harm the body

rather fear the one who can destroy your soul.


God didn’t create us with a spirit of fear,

rather through Jesus he gave us the ability to persevere

And even when defeat seems imminent

God is still here.

He is always near.

The enemy will rise against you

to kill steal and destroy

But we who’ve been made victorious,

we have tactics to employ.

Our battle plan is in our bible

and the WORD is very clear

We’ve been delivered from the hands of our enemy

That we may serve him without fear.

Uncertainty is unavoidable

but fearful is optional.

We serve the God who named the stars

and in him we’re unstoppable.

So don’t live your life in strife

When the enemy shows up you fight

In him you can live your life


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