lessons learned.

It’s officially the end of the year. In a few days, 2017 will have vanished, a not so distant memory. No matter where in your story you were, this chapter will be closed and with the ink still wet 2018 will come rushing in. It’s this time of year when we count our short comings,... Continue Reading →

Christmas time.

Christmas is just days away and I have been in full-fledged holly jolly mode since Thanksgiving. I absolutely, positively love Christmas. I love decorations. From elegantly decorated trees covered in the shiniest ornaments to Santas of all sizes to tacky inflatables to nativity scenes, Christmas reeks of sensory overload and I can’t get enough. I... Continue Reading →

good job Alabama.

Way to go Alabama, way to go. You did it. You showed up, stepped out and made sure your voices were heard. In a time when political beliefs have us (as a nation) greatly divided and a 2016 campaign/election that greatly made as question if it mattered, you proved that the integrity and morality of... Continue Reading →

real vulnerability.

I am a talker. I can talk to almost anybody about anything. I joke all the time that I can have a great conversation with a cat. I’m actually quite positive a lot of people find it quite obnoxious. Part of me being a talker is me being a sharer. I’ve got stories for days.... Continue Reading →

damaged or datable.

I used to wonder if they smelled it on me like a shark detects blood in the water hundreds of feet away. A normal fish would swim right past me but a shark would track the scent and go in for a fresh meal. It's their natural instinct. I was convinced that men could detect... Continue Reading →


*******TRIGGER ALERT****** This post started as something else entirely but in light of the current epidemic of sexual assault accusations flooding your TVs and timelines, I thought I’d speak up.  Last month a social media movement exploded encouraging any woman who had ever been sexually assaulted or harassed to share their story or simply tweet... Continue Reading →

no more birthday blues.

I turn 28 today. I still can’t believe it. In 2 short years I will wake up and my twenties will be behind me. I’ll be leaping into another decade. Another chapter of my life that will be full of possibility, surprise, potential, growth and who knows what else. But the truth? I’m not exactly... Continue Reading →

life will knock you down.

Life will knock you down. It is inevitable. You might be lucky, you might be blessed and you might even put extra effort into trying to avoid it. But I promise you as some point, you're going to find yourself in a battle. The question is, how will you handle the fight? A friend of... Continue Reading →

it’s a blessing and a curse.

 I’ve been cursed with a humongous heart. It sounds like a good problem to have; I suppose it is most times. Sometimes, though, it leaves me in a situation where my over-sized heart is left a little bruised. I was told earlier this year that I have a calling to draw people in. I am... Continue Reading →


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