Dancing or falling?

Some days I wake up and the light is so bright, the hope is so overwhelming that I feel weightless. Like I may be dancing and twirling on the fluffiest clouds, wrapped in the arms of sun rays. Brightness is easy when your dancing in the troposphere. But some days seem far and few in... Continue Reading →

Jealous much? Part 1

“I’ve been bamboozled. He told me it has always been romantic on his part.” I was listening to my best friend joyfully ramble about the date she just went on with the man who was certain to be her husband one day. With every sentence, she was revealing these supernatural instances that undoubtedly confirmed that... Continue Reading →

Christian 101

Don’t sin. Don't lie. Don't cuss. Don’t murder people, duh. Don’t get drunk. Don't have sex until your married. Listen to your parents. Jesus died for you. Jesus loves you. God don’t like ugly so don’t be mean. How would Jesus feel about what you just did? Read your Bible. Pray. Why didn’t you read... Continue Reading →

A little self love.

I'm dope. I'm a freaking rockstar. I am worth it. I deserve it. I can do anything I put my mind to! These are things I tell myself every single day. Praise at work, accept it, you deserve it. Compliments on your gift, accept it you deserve it. Call yourself pretty sometimes, you are and... Continue Reading →

powerhouse (part 2)

He is going to be a powerhouse. He is going to be a man whose stride drips in confidence, whose posture shouts exuberance and whose speech captivates anyone lucky enough to be in earshot.  He will be steadfast. He will be a source of energy, a pool of wisdom. He will be a man with... Continue Reading →

just say thank you.

I saw this meme this week and I literally spit my drink all over my brand new iPhone x in a fit of laughter.  But my very next thought was “this is the most accurate depiction of my life that I've ever seen and that’s a shame”. What made it so hilarious is that a... Continue Reading →

a grateful heart, a patient mother

I may be the most impatient parent in the entire world. It's not something I'm proud of but it’s the truth. When I'm ready to go, come on let's go. If we are shopping or running errands, please child. Bring. Your. Tail. Over. Here. I don't need you to touch everything on the shelf, twirl... Continue Reading →

read. pray. listen.

Monday morning I woke up grouchy. I sat up in bed and just stayed there for a moment contemplating whether or not I actually needed my job enough to take the risk of calling out. I wanted to curl back in bed and lose myself under my sea of warm blankets and fluffy pillows.  Absolutely... Continue Reading →

forever friend.

Think about the amount of people you meet in your life. Almost everyday you encounter a new person. Maybe it’s a new coworker, a cashier at the grocery store or a stranger you bumped into on the street. Over your lifetime you will have thousands of interactions with countless people. Some of these faces you... Continue Reading →

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