Christian 101

Don’t sin. Don’t lie. Don’t cuss. Don’t murder people, duh. Don’t get drunk. Don’t have sex until your married. Listen to your parents. Jesus died for you. Jesus loves you. God don’t like ugly so don’t be mean. How would Jesus feel about what you just did? Read your Bible. Pray. Why didn’t you read your Bible or pray? God will work it all out. What would Jesus do? You can do it by the Grace of God. God won’t put more on you than you can bear. Let go and let God.

This pretty much sums up the life of every single childhood of all my churchy friends, myself included. A list of rules, mostly things you aren’t supposed to do to be a good little Christian, were the foundation of who you were taught to be. Sprinkled on top for pretty appearance was an ongoing list of cliché sayings or half quoted scriptures. Then to hold you accountable for every mistake there was the quick gut check of how disappointed God would be at your actions. These same rules and cliches can be regurgitated by non believers if you ask them what living a Christian life looks like.

So often we are given these rules, these sayings or these scriptures with no practicality to live them out or no more understanding as to why we should other than “so you won’t go to Hell”.

But if you are anything like me, you were/are riddled with questions. Is this whole christian thing really just a bunch of rules of stuff I can’t do? Jesus loves me and died for me? How do I know? If He still loves me, how do I experience that? Don’t have sex until I married? Why not exactly? And how do I date then? I want to pray but I don;t know what to say? If I don’t understand the Bible how do I read it than? What exactly am I letting go of and how do I let God? I mess up all the time, is God really constantly disappointed in me?

Well I am here to answer the first question for you. It is so much more than a bunch of rules. It is about a relationship with God. It is about being so stupid in love with Him that all you want to do is spend time with Him, get to know Him and please Him. And just like with any relationship, it takes work. Trying to figure out how to have that with no guidance and a lifetime of half quoted scripture is impossible.

So maybe you are newly saved and feel just that way. Or maybe your like me and have been saved pretty much your whole life only to realize there was so much you were never taught on how to live in fellowship with Christ. Or maybe you think the idea of Jesus is crazy and you don’t understand the Christianity thing at all and want to learn more out of curiosity. If so, I have just the answer.

Janae Davis was like me. Raised in church and stuffed overflowing with Christian cliche’s and misunderstandings. She is super in love with Jesus but  as she got older she realized there was so much she didn’t know or understand. So she studied. She learned. She got some understanding. Enter Christian 101. This series is an amazing foundation to living a Christian life. It explores so many of those questions that we never got solid answers to. How do you pray? How do you study the word> How do you be celibate? And why does any of this matter? It backs it up with some understanding and tops it off with some solid principles on how to walk this thing out with God. So head on over to and get back to the basics.


P.S. Keep up with the series and you just may see a feature from yours truly. K, bye!

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