Christmas time.

Christmas is just days away and I have been in full-fledged holly jolly mode since Thanksgiving. I absolutely, positively love Christmas. I love decorations. From elegantly decorated trees covered in the shiniest ornaments to Santas of all sizes to tacky inflatables to nativity scenes, Christmas reeks of sensory overload and I can’t get enough. I love Christmas movies. I could find out how the Grinch stole Christmas 10000 more times and be equally delighted like I’ve never seen it before. I love Christmas music. I blast it November through January and force Kameron to sing along with me to every classic holiday hit you can think of. I love the light shows where thousands of colors twinkle and blink in time to the beats of all my favorite songs. I love making reindeer oreo truffles with Kameron. They are perfectly equipped with crazy little candy eyes and pretzels as antlers. I love the generous spirit overflowing from the hearts of even the greediest of folks. I love the priceless reactions on faces of loved ones when they open up their gifts. And my God, I love all things peppermint mocha. I love the Christmas season, every stinking bit of it.

I even tried the whole Santa Clause thing with Kameron. When I was growing up, my mom wanted to make sure she didn’t take any of the focus of the true meaning of Christmas so we never did Santa Clause. I always thought that so long as he knew it was a time to remember and celebrate the birth of Christ that there is no harm. It was an amazing way to bond with him too. Like most families we would set our cookies and milk and I would watch him squeal with delight when he awoke to see the Santa had consumed them. And with the age of technology we live in I took advantage of all cool little apps and gadgets available to make kids feel even more connected to Santa. We called and talked to him on the phone. We tracked Santa’s every move on Christmas eve. We watched as he made delivers in India, China, Europe anticipating the flight the magical reindeer carried his top packed sleigh over the Atlantic until he made it here to us. There is even an app where you can make a video of Santa in your house, which of course I did. And me being the Christmas fan I am, and maybe also partly enjoying the fantasy I had missed out on as a child, loved every bit of it.

A couple years ago, when Kameron was 6, we were Christmas shopping at the mall. I remember we stopped to eat and we were having casual conversation about some of the presents we’d just bought and what he was hoping that Santa would bring him the most. He says to me “mom, I just don’t think Santa is real.” He goes on to tell me it just doesn’t make sense and lists all of the illogical things about Santa that we as adults understand but most 6 year olds still can’t see past.

Not ready to end our wonderful traditions centered around our jolly fairy tale friend ask him “well what does momma say about Santa?”

Kameron responds “you say he is real.”

“You think I’d lie to you baby?”

“I think sometimes parents say things to their kids to make them happy and because they think that’s what they want to hear.”

He went on to tell me how family and Jesus are what’s the most important and not believing in Santa. And every part of me was over come with the warm and fuzzy feelings you get when you have an extreme moment of proud parenting.

If you are wondering if this is going to be one of the typical “remember the reason for the season” kind of post, I suppose it is.

I love the feeling of Christmas. I love the distraction it brings from every day chaos that can so easily become intertwined with our daily life. I love the fact the people seem happier, they smile more and seem to be a kinder. But I guess it’s so easy enjoy the fun distractions the season brings I can forget to really relish on the importance of of what the holiday means and why people get to cheerful in the first place.

I will forever be fascinated with twinkling lights, Jingle bell Rock in a million versions, a hot cup of peppermint mocha and silly Holiday traditions. But I’ll always make sure in the midst of all, I take time to celebrate Christ, appreciate my family and love people. Even if it takes the incredible wisdom of a innocent child to remind me.


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