good job Alabama.

Way to go Alabama, way to go. You did it. You showed up, stepped out and made sure your voices were heard. In a time when political beliefs have us (as a nation) greatly divided and a 2016 campaign/election that greatly made as question if it mattered, you proved that the integrity and morality of the candidates still count. I am forever grateful. For those of you not exactly sure of what I’m talking about, I am referring to Alabama’s special election for an open Senate seat this past Tuesday.

Here is some background in case you are unfamiliar. In an extremely conservative state, one in which president Trump took the vote by a landslide and a democrat hasn’t been elected to state office in over a decade, former Chief Justice Roy Moore was a shoe in over democratic candidate Doug Jones. That is until multiple allegations of sexual misconduct were brought forward in November. Many of the girls were underage at the time Moore perused them or engaged in sexual contact with them.

After the allegations surfaced many republicans expressed their belief that Moore should step down from the race. President Trump, however, threw his entire weight of support behind him. Keep in mind, losing the seat closed the republican majority gap in the Senate down to 51-49, successfully threatening the ability to easily pass litigation such as Trump’s corporate tax cut bill. Despite a clear lead by Doug Jones, Moore is refusing to concede. All the while the 16 women who accused Trump of sexual assault are calling for a congressional investigation against him. It’s an absolute sideshow.

As with most side shows, I cannot look away. It’s so confusing, mind baffling, and gut wrenchingly disgusting I just keep reading. The more right winged fanatics I see screaming their defenses, the more confused I get. The more women I see blatantly ignoring the cries of other women who were abused and frightened by these men they so adamantly support, the sadder my heart grows. A woman responding to the same tweet as me led the conversation about Moore to Trump’s locker room talk. She tells me his private talk is none of our business. She tells me every single man talks like that. She tells me women talk about men in a sexual nature too and that I am just buying into fake news to justify my dislike of Trump. I’m not disagreeing sexual banter happens for men and women and alike, but when you laugh about how you force your unwanted attention on beautiful women just because you’re powerful, a line has been crossed. You have gone too far. You are dangerous. And even if every man spoke like that, it doesn’t make it right. Yet a massive amount of women (white women) shout his praises from mountain tops as a God send to this country. What?

From every excuse to fake news, smear campaigns and guilty until proven innocent, countless number of American’s stood up for Moore despite credible victims; some of which even have a post card or something of the sort from Moore proving their communication. The fact of the matter is, our justice system fails time and time again. So when a powerhouse position such as this senate seat is up for grabs by someone being accused of such atrocity, we must use our judgment to make the right call. We must be the ones to stand and declare that we won’t let more corruption into an already immensely corrupted system.

My confusion deepens further at the amount of Christians who not only continued to speak up for Moore, but the ones who also excused the same allegations made against Trump. Or just the constant disregard for disrespectful behavior and the hate speech the spews from our President’s mouth so regularly in the first place. When did we do easily toss aside integrity to push political policy? Since when did someone’s agenda matching your definition of Biblical morals excuse that he so grossly disembodies the Biblical definition of what attributes a person with the fruits of the spirit should display? When did we trade love for immigration policy? When did we swap kindness for healthcare reform? When did we abandon morals in favor of corporate tax cuts? When did policy become more important than character? When did sexual immorality become ok so long as your leaders stand on the same side of gun control as you? When did we start holding Hollywood to higher standards than our lawmakers? When did this become our America? The sad truth is I think it always has been our America. So many of us, myself included, just never noticed.

But just when we thought that conservative Americans would continue to reign supreme, throwing morals aside in favor of candidates that preach their patriarchal white policy, Alabama showed up. Alabama reminded us character and integrity do matter. And though it’s not over without Moore’s concession, I have a little more hope.

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